SITE 1A boasts an expert in-house team with over 30 years of combined nightlife experience. this programing supergroup has dedicated itself to Milwaukee’s niche market and has collectively produced over 10,000 events ranging from ticketed arena nights and festivals to smaller theatre shows and weekly club nights. Team SITE 1A embraces Milwaukee’s rich history, has tailored its concept around the market’s clientele, and brings new life and a new standard to the milwaukee nightlife experience. We are relentless, passionate, and devoted to nightlife culture, and believe in challenging the status quo.


Nestled deep in the heart of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward warehouse district on the first floor of 231 E. Buffalo st. 1a stands world-class nightlife institution, SITE 1A. Constructed in 1896, this architecturally significant, well-proportioned, and neoclassical space is listed as Tour Site #16 in the National Registry of Historic Places. The outside of the property remains untouched, but the inside of the space contains chronicles of chapters and a layer of life hidden underneath what is already there including exposed warehouse and industrial elements reminiscent of european dance music roots. SITE 1A is a natural extension of the evolution within this property, coins itself as the city’s very first boutique lounge and upscale event venue, and has been carefully assembled by people who know nightlife & events inside and out for people who go out.


Architects and designers are not immersed in nightlife and will never understand the full range of what is necessary to build a properly functioning event venue. Our team recognizes this and has spent countless hours conceptualizing a design and enlisting a group of hand-picked contractors to bring our concept to life from top to bottom, inside and out. SITE 1A will feature a multi-purposed and faceted, industrial-influenced design that bridges the gap between the underground and mainstream without taking away from the elegance and beaux arts features of the space; essentially meeting in the middle of upscale lounge and a live music venue. The details are remarkably fine and include yellow brick piers, egg-and-dart moldings, neoclassical scrolls, and heavy timber post and industrial beams.


Team SITE 1A understands that every element counts, and is just as interested in the smallest detail as in the whole structure. The 250-person capacity space features a completely re-designed and modular DJ booth which can double as a stage. The focal point of the booth features a hand-fabricated steel table weighing 500 lbs with 103 year-old wood support beams. This one-of-a-kind piece meets precise main-stage festival grade measurements and will play host to a long list of world-renowned DJ’s, traveling tours, live music, and local industry nights alike. SITE 1A features a state-of-the-art sound system that rivals the biggest and best venues in the country, 750 sq/ft of LED paneling tactfully positioned and hung from our 18ft ceilings, and additional lighting + sfx features throughout the building. The complete production setup can be re-arranged and tailored to meet precise artist specifications and regularly re-designed to keep each experience as unique as possible. Guests will have the option to pick from a variety of elevated vip table options, enjoy one or both of our 2 full-service bars, or simply let loose and take full advantage of the spacious dance floor without having to purchase expensive vip table real-estate. We are aware that VIP bottle service is not for everyone, but also acknowledge the growing demands for over-the-top hospitality preferences, private and spacious viewing areas, and an insatiable appetite for individually curated experiences and celebrations. We know our market and know our clientele and we believe we have created a perfect balance in elements, which will optimize the functionality of space SITE 1A.




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